Major Advice for Jobseekers

If you want some major advice here you are: DO NOT come to Dubai on a visit or tourist visa and start looking for a job. It will take way too long and you will spend all your money. Another piece of advice would be to never fall for a CV distribution scam. They will take your money and never call you back. 

It will take a lot of time to find a good job in Dubai. If you have the right skills and experience you can find a good job. If not, look for jobs that pay very little.  Just be patient. Keep applying online and you will find a job sooner or later. But while you are looking for a job just keep working and building skills to add on your resume. There are a lot of people post for help “ please sir I am looking for work in Dubai”. This will never work no one will ever hire you through informal social media platforms. 

Source : quora