How to get a job in the UAE


Many expats find jobs through international companies in their home countries and where possible it’s best to try to secure work before making the move. Thousands of British companies have operations in the Gulf region so securing a position with one of these organizations before requesting a transfer might be an option.

In the UAE many positions are advertised via recruitment agencies or online and, while it may be unusual practice in your own country, don’t be surprised to find job adverts specifically asking for a particular gender, age or nationality. Networking is important but this may be difficult to do from afar. However, once you’re in a job in the UAE successful networking could help you get promoted.

Speculative applications are not unwelcome but securing a job through this method often relies on strong personal contacts.

Most applications are made online via an application form or CV. Make sure to attach a photograph and a short cover letter.

You’ll usually undergo a face-to-face interview and a medical examination before being offered a job.

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